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Balanced and complete feed for adult cats .Recommended to help limit weight gain.

  • Tendency to gain weight?

Does your cat have a tendency to gain weight? Maintaining an ideal body condition and muscle mass is a crucial aspect of a cat’s overall health.

  • Light weight care

What are the key benefits of this targeted nutritional solution? Light Weight Care is a precisely balanced nutritional formula which helps maintain a healthy body condition. With several actions: - Special blend of fibres including psyllium helps increase the volume of food in the stomach, thus helping to naturally reduce spontaneous eating. - High protein content to help maintain muscle mass. - Low fat content to help limit weight gain.

Proven results / -17% / Reduced calorie intake / Daily average / Fibres & psyllium / l-carnitine

Proven results: with exclusive use of Light Weight Care, the calorie intake is reduced by 17%* and the cat’s appetite is satisfied. *Royal Canin internal study, 2006 - Spontaneous daily consumption compared to a similar medium calorie feed for cats.

  • L-Carnitine

Enriched with L-carnitine, involved in healthy fat metabolism.

  • Urinary health

Formulated with a balance of minerals to help maintain the health of an adult cat’s urinary system.

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