Royal Canin Feline Breed Nutrition Siamese & Oriental Adults

Royal Canin Feline Breed Nutrition Siamese & Oriental Adults

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Balanced and complete feed for cats,Specially for adult Siamese cats.

  • Special siamese jaw

This specially designed tube-shaped kibble is easy for the narrow and long Siamese cat muzzle to grasp. The unique kibble encourages chewing to help reduce the rate of food intake.

  • Exclusive formula - Omega 6 fatty acids & L-carnitine
  • Lean muscular body

The Siamese has an elegant and athletic silhouette. An increased level of proteins (38%) and a moderate fat level (16%) help preserve a long, slender and muscular body.

  • L-carnitine

Enriched with L-carnitine, involved in healthy fat metabolism.

  • Digestive health

Highly digestible protein (L.I.P.*) to support healthy digestion, and prebiotics to promote a balance in the intestinal flora. *L.I.P.: protein selected for its very high digestibility.

  • Healthy glossy coat

The Siamese has a notable, very short and sleek coat which lies close to the body. Siamese Adult contains a combination of specific nutrients including amino acids, vitamins, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to help maintain a healthy skin and shiny coat.