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A happy pet is a pet that feels good and looks good. While a balanced diet plays a crucial role for pets, dietary supplements can improve wellbeing and maintain quality of life. XenPet  range of premium supplements products has been developed for gentle, effective care both inside and out.

Allergy Soft Chews - assists with the relief of seasonal allergies. 
Calming Soft Chews - help relieve anxiety and ensure noticeably calmer behaviour.
Cognitive Soft Chews - support brain health and memory recall, making them ideal for ageing dogs.
Digestive Soft Chews - eases digestion and support a healthygut. 
Mobility Soft Chews - support healthy bones and joint flexibility.


All XenPet products contain the finest
natural ingredients, selected for their impeccable
quality and well-known benefits, and are made to the same
high standard as all Montego Pet Nutrition Products.
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