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Milbemax Chew Tablet Dogs & Puppies

Milbemax Chew Tablet Dogs & Puppies

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Product Description

Milbemax is a broad spectrum chewable deworming tablet. Milbemax treats and controls larval and adult stages of hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms. Milbemax also treats and controls all stages of tapeworm infections. The chewable deworming tablets are designed to be placed directly in the mouth of the pet.

Directions for Use:
To be administered as a single dose with or after food for maximum efficacy
Nursing bitches should be treated at the same time as their puppies
For routine deworming adult dogs should be treated 4 times per year
For the prevention and treatment of Spirocicosis dogs should be treated monthly at 28-day intervals
Dosing depending on the body-weight of the dog:

Body Mass of Dog
Milbemax Chewable Table for Puppies & Dogs
1 - 5kg 1 Tablet
5 - 10kg 2 Tablets
10 - 15kg 3 Tablets
15 - 20kg 4 Tablets
20 - 25kg 5 Tablets

Body Mass of Dog
Milbemax Chewable Tablet for Dogs over 5kg
5 - 25kg 1 Tablet
25 - 50kg 2 Tablets
50 - 75kg 3 Tablets

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