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Super Grass is a highly nutritious living supplement for cats, birds guinea pigs etc to eat.
It also adds roughage to their diet and helps cats to expel fur balls the natural way.

Super Grass is as simple as adding water to grow and takes approximately one week.

Many cats love grass. Super Grass is a living supplement for cats that provides extra roughage and helps cats get rid of furballs and other indigestible matter. Great for indoor cats and those that love nibbling on your lawn. Why not give kitty her own personal chew patch?

Simply add water and place in a spot with plenty of light. Will be ready to eat in as little as 7 to 12 days.

  • Extra roughage and helps get rid of furballs
  • Fresh, living supplement
  • For cats, guinea pigs and birds
  • Ready to nibble when 7 to 10 cm high


  • Pierce 5-6 holes in the base of container
  • Remove lid
  • Water well
  • Stand on a plate or the lid
  • Place in a spot with plenty of light and water regularly
  • Ready to eat when grass is 7 to 10 cm high
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