Montego Karoo All Breed Adult Dry Food - Trout & Lamb

Montego Karoo All Breed Adult Dry Cat Food - Trout & Lamb

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Single Grain Recipe with real Trout, Lamb and Rice. Limited Ingredient Diet for Adult Cats


Hypoallergenic Formulation

This hypoallergenic, gluten-free formulation uses alternative proteins to reduce the impact of digestive disorders or digestive intolerances, making this recipe ideal for cats with sensitive stomachs or skin conditions


Benefits Include:

Duoprotein: Trout and Lamb, Hypoallergenic formulation
Low-Carb Single Grain Rice
Natural Defences: Freeze-dried Melon Juice and Nutritional Yeast
0% Corn | Soya | Gluten| Artificial Colours and Flavours

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